Managed IT Security


What good is your state-of-the-art network which is raking in all the profit for your business when all its data can be compromised by a click of a button? Do not let this happen to your business. Let Initial Technology help you fight off unwanted visitors.

Network Security

Spam, viruses, malwares and file corruption are just some of the possible threats to your business network. We are proud to offer Watchguard – one of the world’s most fully-integrated and multifaceted network threat protection systems in the industry. Our WatchGuard certified engineers can implement a suitable Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance to provide your network with top of the line security measures

Digital Forensic

Silent threats such as fraud, laundering, information leaks and IP theft could do a huge amount of damage to your business. Do not let your business fall victim to such threats by making sure you put systems in place that will identify and mitigate these types of malicious activities.

IP Surveillance

We secure your premises, maintain your staff’s safety and undertake forensic surveillance, to ensure that your assets are not compromised in any way. Combining the power of video camera technology with the Internet means your security system can be accessed from an Internet browser (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device), providing remote access to live and recorded video. We can specifically provide you remote video monitoring, IP cameras, IP surveillance software support and maintenance and backup storage for video footage.

Server Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art software that proactively monitors your key network servers and infrastructure to identify issues before they occur is what separates us from the rest. Our system automatically scans and checks the hardware health to ensure your network receives the maximum possible uptime and performance.

Disaster Recovery

We all think that disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires will only happen to other people, or we all think that it won’t happen to us in our lifetime. But one can never be sure, especially since the nature of disasters can come these days in form of outages and hacks. Every business needs a disaster recovery plan and our team of experts can tailor make a package to suit your business in time of disaster so you won’t be left stranded.