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Our specialists and technicians transform homes too! Want the best technology, simplified? We can help.

Home Theatre and Sound

Want the ultimate home theatre system? Need a multi-zone sound system that incorporates outdoor speakers?


Want to get into gaming PCs and want advice on the best systems and where to source them from? We can assist in everything from the PC, to the chair, to the lighting and more!

Automation and Smart Lighting

Smart lighting such as Philips Hue and home automation systems such as Google Nest can transform your home. When compared to traditional renovations, these additions can present excellent value for money.

Internet, Wi-Fi and Networking

Having issues connecting to NBN? Struggling to get a good Wi-Fi signal throughout the house? Need the best solution so you can work from home without the risk of dropouts mid-meeting? Our network specialists can help.

Printers, Conference Systems and other accessories

Plug ‘n Play, simple to install. We’ve heard it all before. Sometimes you have a setup at home that just doesn’t connect easily, or you want to do something a little different and it’s not straight forward. Our technicians can make it work.

Mobile Coverage

Many home’s in Sydney have coverage blackspots that can make it impossible to use your mobile phone reliably. We can assist with simple Wi-Fi calling options through to mobile boosters and antennae systems to maximise your coverage.